Monday, January 25, 2010

ISB ranked 12 in 2010 FT MBA Rankings

Indian School of Business does it again by rapidly increasing its ranking in the annual FT MBA rankings.

As always the parameter where ISB scores on all other BSchools is the % increase in salary from pre to post MBA. ISB registered a salary increase of 166% for its students against 109% for Harvard and 102% for INSEAD (also a 1 year program like ISB)

What are the reasons for it ? are ISB alumni's overpaid compared to peers from other renowned BSchools ? or are ISB alumni so good that companies are fighting for them ? or India has big shortage of management talent ?? While these are some of possible conclusions and personally I would like to side with 2nd one, but honestly I think a big part of this increase is that the pre-MBA salaries in India are far too low !!

The journey so far for ISB has been commendable and has established itself into the realms of ivy league but it is just the start of tougher part - sustaining itself there... Alumni like me have to play a crucial role in this by doing our part well and bringing good repute to the school and surely alumni are at it...

An interesting fact measured by the rankings is that ISB alumni has ranked the school very low on fulfilling their goals or reasons for doing MBA...

Like the increase in salary chart it is very easy to make wrong conclusions from this chart as well... do students have wrong / too much expectations from the school or the business practices in India are still rudimentary where students do not get to apply what they learn ? May be ISB can set this right by slightly extending the duration and including internship in the curriculum... Internship will not only provide students an opportunity to better judge career prospects but also will provide to get back to business with right expectations !!!

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Landline numbers to become 10 Digits!

I agree with Arun's comment that it would be a big inconvenience to change 500M+ mobile numbers and that way TRAI's proposal of changing landline numbers makes sense... but just thinking from a 'brand building' perspective having 11 digit when world has 10 is a sure indicator that Indian economy has potential to become an order of magnitude larger than anyone else in the world !!