Sunday, January 15, 2006

Why rename Engineering Institutes to IIT?

Why do we need to brand every engineering institute of India as an IIT or NIT ...

I feel is that such uniform naming sort of restict the brand "India".. as all foreigners know about Indian Technology Institutes is IIT. Do they know precisly how many IITs are there in all ? A better way would have been to uniquly name each institute and provide it resources to become world class. That way there will be lot many names to remember and the perception will change to "many good univs from only IIT".. This will do good to overall education senario in India. Also this will to an extent "de-risk" the current jumbo-brand IIT.

The aim of govt is to improve the standard of some potentially good institues, which can happen only by quality of faculty and infrastructure. A simple renaming will not help and would also scare us IITians of our brand equity getting diluted.

Focus should be on quality of new institutes to come up/ upgrades and not the name.. As they say "Whats in the name"..


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