Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rang De Basanti

wow great movie. Really inspiring and touching venture. I knew two kinds of movies, one where people came out screeming and other where people walked home silently. Then I saw Rang de Basanti. I am sure people would have walked out inspired.

Its among the rare movie which links practicality with idealism.
The best thing that I liked about the movie that it shows the gen-X is a positive light. I do not know from where this perception of irresponsible youth have caught up with Indian national thought process. Being myself a member of this generation, I feel that we are no less responsible for India's fate than any other generation. In-fact I believe it is fortunate for us and India that we have more dreams than memories about India.

All of us would have only heared about India being golden bird but would havenever believed it. We came up watching doordarshan claiming Mera Bharat Mahan but would have never believed it. But I feel the times are changing. There are many more people who are working towards actually making mera Bharat Mahan. and Indian gen-X is forerunners in it. I can sense a lot more optimism in Indian economy.
Coming to Movie, what was the best shot. I think it was the one when our foreign actress speaks out her first phrase in hindi ;-) I was stunned then and could not control myself laughing for more than 5 minutes.

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