Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Think Again: India

Barbara Crossette advices US to stay clear of India in Foreign Policy

First of all thank you Barbara for making every Indian feel so proud for duping US (world's big daddy) into nuclear deal. Its really an honor when someone claims that India can con US. Indians usually believe that India is one nation which is historically conned by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Now lets talk some facts and refute flawed reasoning:

“India and the United States are not natural allies”
Well Uncle Sam is not stupid to give away goodies to 'spoiled brat' India had there been not ulterior interests. Uncle Sam wants to have a world where China's power have a counter balance in the upcoming world order and who better to take China head on other than India. From point of view of India the deal is not bad because India indeed want to compete with China on every front. Thinking that India will give away the nuclear technology to Iran is very imaginative as India's interest with Iran is only oil. Giving away nukes in neighborhood means getting them back in worst way. We already have a rouge pakistan to take care of. Can't afford another. So the natural allies is indeed the demand of hour.

"India is not a responsible world power"
Thanks for recognizing Indian power but it would help to understand the situation from Indina perspective. Indian interference in South Asian politics is purely strategic in nature. India has so many enemies all around that it is not left with any choice but to proactively thwart any threat. It is similar to uncle Sam's approach on Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and what not... Only difference is that we do it in our backyard while uncle Sam does it in others backyard. And you should not be surprised that on maximum occasions the guns rising against India are tagged 'Made in USA'

“India will not surpass China except for population”
Please refer to your very own Goldman Sachs updated BRIC report "Global Economics Paper No: 152 - India’s Rising Growth Potential" where it claims that India will surpass US by 2045. Are you still worried about China?

“India is not becoming a high-tech, middle-class nation”
Next time do not believe anyone if they crib that their job got Bangalored. Write in business magazines advising US corps to not worry about Indian consumers as there aren't many. Just google fastest growing economies and check for yourself how many your own compatriots are going crazy over Indian market.

“India is not a model of tolerance”
Step 1: Get a world map
Step 2: Check if it shows pakistan
Step 3: If answer to previous step is yes then your hypothesis is proved wrong!

We are not the one who are reconstructing Iraq or Afghanistan. On loss of some 3000 lives (that too had a good number of Indians) US goes to flatten out Afghanistan. India is a long sufferer of terrorism and loses many times more lives every year. US is not the only privileged to secure its countrymen.

Barbara, I know that you are upset by the nuclear deal but think hard and you will figure out that it helps US more than India. It is another step from stopping energy hungry India to reach out to Iran for its oil.

Think again!

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