Thursday, March 09, 2006

Outsourcing the Big Kahuna

WorldNetDaily: Outsourcing the Big Kahuna

Wow it was fun reading. Do read the link. It is an article by Craige McMillan (No not the New Zealand cricketer!). He is advocating to outsource least efficient and most expensive American Industry, "Government". He seems quite amused by the idea of 1/8th of cost which outsourcing to India offer. He says that since India has culturally sensitive bureaucracy so the government can be outsourced easily. Beyond government he also wants to outsource military because India has nukes and also the internal revenue service because India can get him away with only 1/8 of his present tax.

Good going Mr. McMillan, I am sure Indians will exceed your expectations for efficiently running your "outsourced" government. But just do not ask us credentials of running our own government.

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