Monday, March 20, 2006

Tendulkar booed out at homeground

Tendulkar booed out at homeground

Does it mean the end of Sachin Tendulkar ?

He is the only one who has to make the choice or go down in history through the painful Ganguly street.

We have all seen Sachin as (6+4)Dulkar but he is no more that and he should acknowledge it. When the lion is old and loose his teeth, what he do ? Wait for death or make a glory for fighting it? I would choose second. What would Sachin choose?


Anonymous said...

Dude - you can't think of Indian cricket without Sachin Tendulkar, unless Dhoni becomes as patient as Sachin!

Since the time you posted, Sachin has scored at the best average for India (44.85). Today's match against SA - he made 63*

Abhishek said...

Was this 'anonymous' Sachin himself?? Dude.. time and tide wait for none. There is no disrespect for Sachin but only hope that he is not driven out of the team the way Shastry, Gavaskar and Kapil Dev were done. Sachin has done enough and now need to rest.