Monday, May 29, 2006

Advani on quota: Don't harm merit

BJP looks like is confused over which way to go on issue of reservation. It makes "vote bank" sense to remain silent but what about the party ideology?

Surprisingly the ideology master of BJP - the RSS which otherwise have something to say on every issue under the sun has suddenly disappeared from the entire canvas.

Well let me take the effort of reminding BJP how to look about it. These guys used to talk a lot about Article 370 or Uniform Civil Code. What these "beliefs" have to do on the issue of reservation? Well on a deeper level it all looks connected to me. Article 370 talks about "reserving" special state status of Kashmir while Uniform Civil Code is positioned against unequal treatment to various sections of the society.

I am sure that this silence of BJP will hurt it as its traditional stronghold of the Urban 'elites' in the cow belt are the ones directly opposed to the reservation and also BJP is failing to carry the responsibility of the opposition, to carry the voice of the people to the deaf ears of the government.

Hence, we all know that all this political parties has only one agenda, how to be in power and therefore how to secure vote banks. India needs a break from all these selfish parties who makes loud claims but actually are the greatest threat to nation. Get lost BJP, Get lost Congress, and get lost all the left, DMK, AIDMK, TDP, BSP, SP,JD, SS, RSS, and all such rubbish acronyms.