Sunday, May 14, 2006

Knowledge Commission not above the Constitution - Arjun Singh

Arjun Singh said that the National Knowledge Commission is not above the Constitution and added that he was not willing to talk to them.

Yeah.. knowledge is not above the constitution but it is lying somewhere out of India in NASA, or Silicon Valley or London or Singapore.

Why do we need knowledge to run the country. We can work very well with reservations or temples or our God like politicians. Why do we need people with IQ of 150? Why can't India not do same by six people each of IQ 25. Anyway one out of six person in the world is an Indian.

"We are not a banana republic," he said.

Excellent! We are indeed not a banana republic. Looks like Arjun Singh did in fact went to school. But if we are not banana republic then why are this god-damned politicians trying so hard to make us one.

Why are these politicians not afraid of fragmenting the country on basis of merit. Don't they realize that the merit will concentrate on the other side and kick all of this politicians really hard. Who will save these politicians if god-forbids a time come when "unreserved-deserved" burnt with mandal turns into terrorists.

Arjun Singh its still time to make the corrections and return back to work for India Shinning. A India Whining is not your mission. The 'D' in your HRD ministry is for Development and not Damaging.

and Mr Prime Minister, I think its time for you to say "Arjun Singh, you are fired"!

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barbarindian said...

He he! I made a post in similar lines just now!

Arjun Singh is frothing at his mouth