Sunday, October 01, 2006

December 13

Protests continue over Afzal sentence

Afzal had very noble intentions of benefiting India by getting rid of some of the most unwanted people on the land who have restrained India and its progress. Had his hired men would have succeeded in their design, India would had climbed much higher on Corruption Perception Index. Nobody should be given death sentence for trying to reduce corruption.

But Afzal should be hanged for his plot killed brave soldiers of India who tried to protect epitome of Indian democracy. Afzal plotted to strike democracy of India and capital punishment is too little for such act of terrorism. The same punishment should also be given to anyone and everyone on either side of the border who was involved in any plot of terrorism on Indian soil or against any Indian in the whole world.

We don't mind if anyone knocks off the rotten politicians who have caused misery to people of India but a person would be out of his mind to even think of any evil against India or brave Indian soldiers. Such persons should be preemptively smoked out.

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Suresh S said...

yes da, i feel the same. He shud be hanged only bcoz his act claimed the lives of our brave soldiers.