Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Sabse bada rupaiya!

Abhishek Bachchan tried hard to become Bluffmaster but the Oscar goes to musharraf. All of harping is only to sell few copies of his book. Seems like a simple plan to collect retirement fund because as history suggests that he would have to leave pakistan as soon as he gives up the power in the elections which he promised soon! So write some tabloid type crap with fancy publicity involving who's who of the world, make millions and live happily ever after! Such a simple plan involving "4 units" of bluff and a "landslide" windfall.

I think musharraf would have already instructed isi to print all the copies in the Quetta currency press to supply everything free of cost to India. Better do it because anyway Indians are not going to pay musharraf any royalty for this bundle of rotten junk!

Don't worry about pakistan, it is anyway soon going to be in stone age... US bombing won't be necessary. Thanks to French connection to put spanner in your efforts to extort US aid in name of 'dead' osama!

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