Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bush, musharraf & Kargil

What's common between Bush and musharraf ?

Both are paranoid and dream about things which never exists. Bush dreamt WMD in Iraq and bombed it to no limits while musharraf dreamt of India attacking pakistan in 1999 and sent his army to Kargil.

But why not Bush is holding musharraf as a Kargil war criminal and sending him to a trial the way it is happening for Saddam Hussein. In Iraq there has been no evidence found for WMD but musharraf is confessing in his biography the fact that he sent his 5 army units to assist terror groups in infiltrating Kargil.

Surprisingly musharraf claims Kargil war to be pakistani army's landmark victory. Yeah... Surely best ever! as pakistani army was in best ever position at start of any previous war, but obviously the end result was same as all other previous wars! Numerous unfortunate pakistani soldiers were "landmarked" on Indian soil. How coward would be the army who even refuses to accepted bodies of its slain soldiers! And musharraf calls this victory! Buzz off... Limit your definition of victory to occasional cricket and hockey.. There is no other way pakistan can win anything else from India.

And winning hearts as musharraf said sometime back... Well India had enough heartburn after trusting pakistan. Its time India stop treating pakistan like a spoiled street kid and takes the task of actually 'reforming' it. The way Bush did in Iraq! Isn't that the best way Mr. Bush or are you thinking of doing it yourself to meet your dear friend Osama?

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