Monday, September 18, 2006


Made in pak: Fake Indian currency

An RBI panel quoted that Indian economy had fake currencies worth Rs 1,69,000 crore till 2000 and pakistan is working overtime to supply more. ISI is helping counterfeits source security paper from same foreign suppliers and than distribute that in India through smugglers and D company network. Since the fake notes are so look alike of real ones, its difficult to detect them by the real ones.

Why not we cash in on the opportunity presented by our beloved neighbor. He is supplying us currency free of cost. We could very well legitimize that currency as Indian economy by its sheer size would be able to absorb the entire capacity of pakistani press. Since the macro economics warns us about the dangers of monetization regime, we can tackle that situation by stopping printing ourselves.

What will the note press employees do if we stop printing the currency? Simple we get some developed country to outsource its note production to us. This way we will make twice profits. Save the cost of printing our own currency and gain more revenues by taking an outsourced printing job.

So when will we start minting money on pakistan's evil designs?

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