Sunday, July 23, 2006

Never trust the US on Pakistan

Never trust the US on Pakistan
July 21, 2006, B Raman

Mr. Raman given the India's inability to turn uncle Sam's fascination away from pakistan, what do you think can India do to solve its problem. We don't need a certificate from uncle Sam to solve our problems. Uncle Sam provides cover up for all the pakistan's misdeed and doesn't believe us when we say so. So what should we do?

Why can't we play bigger game and make a peg on Uncle Sam's credibility itself. Why not we get evidence to prove that ISI is supported by US State Dept to facilitate terrorism in India. Why not we expose uncle Sam in world community when he sponsors terrorism in India. There are many countries in world who don't like uncle Sam as big daddy of the world and would come to our side in toppling USA from its current leader position. It will benefit us as uncle Sam would loose credibility for its war against terrorism as just a selfish agenda and secondary he will be too busy in tiding up its own affair which will give us space to put our act together in dealing with pakistan.

Any better ideas RAW/IB ?

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