Monday, July 31, 2006

Reuters UK: India and Pakistan set to resume peace talks

India and Pakistan set to resume peace talks |

Wow after all those rhetoric and lip service to victims of mumbai blasts and all other similar terrorist attacks, Indian Govt seems to be back to what it is best at: appeasement!

Appease everyone who drags the country and impede anyone who is working to make India great. Appease enemy (peace talks!), appease vote bank (Caste based reservations!), appease criminals (thrash POTA!), appease politicians (Office of Profit Bill!), appease partymen(avenues of misusing taxpayers money!)...All in all politician's pocket filling exercise and another way to expand the pie of corruption.

It takes 71 days to start a business in India while only 48 days and half the money in communist China. Will Indian govt ever appease budding entrepreneurs who will be growth engines of the economy?


Arun Pillai said...

You can really compare how business is done in India & China, both represents different level of aggressiveness and economy.It's like starting a business in a rural/urban area,where basic capital differs a lot.

Don't know what i said makes sense,but just a thought.Anyways good preception

Abhishek said...

I am not comparing the business in India and China per se but just comparing how much time does it take for a company to start doing business in these two countries.
Its a irony that in a Communist country it takes nearly half the time to start a "private profit making business" than in world's largest democracy.