Sunday, August 27, 2006

No Arbitrage Principal

This is a fantasy to which my Thermo D Prof claimed that I violated the second law of thermodynamics. The linked news story talks about two Irish scientists who claim to find a way to generate electricity by a combination of magnets such that the system produces electricity almost 3 times of what was given in. This looks more like a betting game where I sure shot win 3 for every 1. That means I can earn 2 everytime for as long as I can ;)

Are you guys serious? I hope you are and sincerely wish you to make my fantasy come true. What power will this technology have to revolutionize the world.

But If I see along the subjects that I have studied till now, the theory is contradictory. Some Englishman said that there are no free lunches, Chemistry told that energy cannot be created or destroyed, Thermodynamics second law also stops me from decreasing the entropy of the universe by such wishful thinking and now latest my Fin Prof says that money cannot be made free i.e. For similar things I have to pay similar price else I can arbitrage and earn risk free money!

Good luck guys! Prove the world that you are not another set of Ramar Pillai who made petrol out of some shrubs.

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Anonymous said...

I think Ramer Pillai, was selling Dimethyl furan as fuel