Thursday, August 31, 2006



The city where Lord Krishna did his education in Sandipani ashram, Kalidas created literary master pieces and your sincerely did his schooling. The city is in National news for all the wrong reasons. Few ABVP "students" killed Prof on matter of college elections! What can be more shameful and disgraceful for the people of Ujjain.

It is a blackmark on people of Ujjain, who take pride of sending best students to best educational institutes around the country in a number vast disproportionate to its population. Be it IITs, IIM, ISB, AIIMS or any other top Indian or even International institute, Ujjain always had more than its share of representation. Today this incidence make the students from Ujjain humiliated and ashamed.

I am hopeful that people of Ujjain will take this seriously and would do whatever it takes to bring culprits to justice. It is sad that law enforcing agencies which were present at the incidence in the first place failed to stop the misfortune and now needs national media pressure to even take first small action. Please keep politics outside the college gates and prove that fabric of Indian law though is in bad shape but has not yet shambled. Its increasingly getting difficult to trust Indian government and its various agencies. It all happening wrong!

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