Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Serial Blasts in Mumbai

The Serial Blasts in Mumbai !!!

A bloody act of cowardliness.............

The powerful serial bombs ripped apart mumbai western local railway trains and station killing many innocent people. Who is responsible for it? Will they be ever brought to justice?

Is this an Indian intelligence failure or success of pakistan sponsored terrorism? What should India do to end the misery of the innocent people who keep suffering to such act of terrorism? Do we have enough ability to punish the criminals of the country even if they are hiding in any country of the world? When will this all end?

What is the solution? .. But first will someone tell the near ones of those getting killed by such acts as to what the problem is?

I believe the problem is simple. Indian govt is not tough enough to fix such cowards who keep playing with Indian lives. We allow them to spring up in safe heavens of pakistan and then 'invite' them to carry on evil on Indian soil and then give them safe passage to return back and try something even worse the next time!

How should we deal with this given today's world don't allow (or we perceive that US will attack us if we try to eliminate their biggest and beloved arms customer) us to attack pakistan and liquidate terrorism for once and ever! Do we have any other solution?

I think we do! We need to be tough in our dealings. Each and every such rouge should be punished and that too by setting an example to deter his followers. We should use our intelligence to kill such bastards in their own safe homes. I believe our intelligence is competent enough to eliminate such rogues in their own homes. It sounds politically incorrect to say but this is the way everyone works. Ask CIA or Mosad if you doubt! But ya.. All this under the smiling face of diplomacy by feigning ignorance "who me??" the way pakistan has been doing for so long. I think the time has come for us to beat them at their own game and on their own turf. When Israel can missile the head quarters of Hamas on kidnapping their one solder, how much more blood do we need to see before we respond?

When George Bush can wage war on terrorism without any concrete evidence of WMD, whom are we waiting for? We did put up all our military when terrorists reached the gates of parliament, but that wasn't enough! Are our politicians waiting for the day when terrorists actually enter into the parliament? Or are they already in?

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Kapil said...

sad day...my condolences to the families